Colors Of Eternity

Over the aeons the masters have flourished.
While the lament was being moaned, they THRIVED and CHERISHED.

The colors of eternity comes in shades of grey.
In this JUNGLE OF THOUGHTS i am the prey.

Absence of morality ever descenting.
Crossing the threshold of pain, every time I try to RESTORE MYSELF.


Cotyledon of greed

It’s a story of dismay.
Which begins with a murder.
As for someone to be born, someone has to die.

Cordial feelings and songs of life.
The cotyledon of greed has finally seen the sky.
Partly displeased partly dispossessed.
Constantly searching for a connected thread, THE ONE WHICH LEADS TO THE CORE.

That cotyledon flourished for ages.
In the same soil ploughed by saints and sages.

EXOHORATION! I am saying the truth…..
OBLIGATION! Everything is bound within…..THE DIVINE COSMIC LAW.


Last Orison

The story behind his silence was haunting.
And he whispered a defamed Orison.
Pain eluded as that ember died.
On his final night homewards.

Embroil he brooded, was in vapors and flames.
He was free once again, having no one to blame.
His conscience was brittle but it survived.
His soul wasn’t sold, and so it thrived.

In awe and agony we bid farewell.
The wounds which were healed started to swell.

And as we sang that Orison one last time.
Kings were brought down and so their crowns.

Aeons passed and the Orison was lost.
Burning to ashes, paying eternal cost.