Stop and make it right.

Cosmic play of dire illusions.
Souls trapped in worldly obsessions.
We bleed in data and blood no more.
Humanity plagued to it’s core.

I look at the stars and wonder how far, we are……

Intone we march to the antipodal ache.
Blinded by our halcyon days.
Is it too late to turn?
This path won’t be easy, there’s so much to unlearn.

Celestial beings we are.
Holding grudges and dwelling in pain.
We are fools if we believe.
There’s nothing to loose and only to gain.



The Spirit Of Creation by JINNDOW

Search for meaning drives us throughout our lives, we struggle to settle on a basic definition for everything we come in contact with, which explains us the true nature of moments coming and passing. These definitions are our own which we acquire through vivid personal experiences. But can we all agree on a same ground at some point? No, never, not all of us.

Neither are our conclusions fully correct nor the decisions which are behind those conclusions. As truth can be extracted from various point of views, yours, mine or any third-party who is caught up in the flow of that moment. We can only go with the best possible definition available at Continue reading

Untold Prophecy

Tender caress of thoughts, yours and mine.

Battling to conquer the souls of immortal beings in time.

The untold prophecy is coming true,

Kings will be slaughtered and saints will rule.

It’s the era of uprising, a time of undeniable truth.