My Stories

Hi guys. I have been working on couple of stories recently. They are up on Wattpad. I am sharing the link below. Do check them out. Rate and comment there. I will really appreciate your feedback and support. You guys are amazing!



Sunset R

Your eyes say something.
Something of a great meaning.
Its not that I am saying, but its what I feel.
A love, a calmness of home.
You bring me home.

Is this how you feel too?
Or its just me and my mind.
Am I being scared, scared of losing what I never had?
But you always bring me close.
Closer to my heart.

Your gesture is all that I need.
To fulfill my hidden grief.
And I am ready to have you, In my arms.
Come now let’s walk through this together.
As I am never leaving your side.
I am never leaving your eyes.

Whatever would be the price, to just have you in my arms.
Its not that I can’t pay but how are you so kind to have me as I am.
And now its you I have on my mind.