Acknowledging VS Understanding. Answers which aren’t relative

The acknowledgement is not a proof of complete understanding. There is a big gap between acknowledging and understanding something, yet very few people understand the true meaning and try to understand rather than just leaving something by just acknowledging it.

It is challenging to accept a notion which serves only a “laser focused” purpose, when everyone is experiencing their own reality, their own version of truth. And what might be true for someone, might be someone else’s lie. Have you ever understood that a question that you thought was answered for you, in a sense is never answered but has only
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Life and my thoughts

In constant motion of this undenying truth, I see that many of my acquaintances have became my relatives. And which once used to be my passion has became my hobby. I suffer in infinite ways because I can’t sleep like I used to. The more I try to find the answers, the less I need them. Forced emotions have been a major part of my reality just because I no longer wanted to be involved in this apathy. Ideas which once used to be mine are now major hits because I was too afraid to discuss them when the time was right.

Hell! TIME.
That son of a bitch which moves only in just one direction because it doesn’t know how to look back?

Fine I will stop. I will put off this curse riding my back onto someone else’s only because I am capable of?

Fuck yeah!
I am gonna do it, I have to do it. Uuugghhhh this urge. My oh my!!!!! Planked onto wheels to run free likewise it pleasures.

Why but why? I need to do this? Why I am so much aware of the not happening and involved into this fake laughter party after hours?

I want to elude. I want to sleep again. Like I used to. I want to sit down and rest my ASS off.  I want to forget and forgive. Move upwards freely.

But this illusion. Oh its so pure, so mysterious. Like I can swim into its depths and taste the sweet nectar of love.

But what is love I ask. Is it a word? Or a noun? Or an adverb. But why does it matter what it is? It is an emotion, the rush of hormones, the free walking soldiers of sense.

These are my thought on nothing   plain nothing. The meaning is unsure but the truth is right here. In front of your fucking eyes, served in a silver spoon.

But do you know what the real question is?
(in a whisper) CAN YOU SEE IT?